WW Recurring NPCs

The following NPCs are recurring characters in our Woodland Warriors game.


Dimble is a lizard who, until quite recently, was employed by a somewhat shady merchant known as Hauser Nodberry. When poor Hauser met his end in the belly of Haashaat the snake, Dimble became a free agent. He is not bright (even for a lizard), but has a great memory for faces. He has seen a lot of his former master’s underworld business partners and may occasionally let interesting tidbits of information drop.

Dimble: HD 1, HP 10, Dex 10, Defense 2, scales AP1, bite 1D3

Doctor Salisbury

Doctor Salisbury is a traveling medicine sales-squirrel. His colorful wagon is often seen passing through the Alder Vale area. Part huckster, part alchemist and part entertainer, the good doctor provides a variety of tonics, elixirs, unguents, and salves for anything that ails a creature. If asked about his credentials he will produce a diploma from the Upper Alder Vale University – a school nobody seems to have heard of. Doctor Salisbury is not a fighter, but he usually has 1D3 explosive concoctions of his own devising secreted in his pockets. The do 1D6 damage with a blast radius of 6 paws. The Doctor will not sell his grenados, but may give characters a few if they aid him or their need is great.

Doctor Salisbury: Talespinner, Level 1, HD 1, HP 4, Dex 11, Defense 2, no armor, walking stick 1D3, thrown grenado 1D6

The Potions
The amazing thing about Doctor Salisbury’s potions is that many of them actually work! Here are some of Doctor Salisbury’s wares. The Game Master is encouraged to create additional potions.

  • Bug Be Gone (10 sp): This lotion will keep away biting insects and other pests. It has a very strong scent and anyone using it will suffer a -1 penalty to Stealth rolls. Even giant insects are affected by this and they must make a Fortitude save to attack any character wearing it. Insects will flee if they fail their save.
  • Cure All (15 sp): Clears up minor skin ailments such as a rash, boils, mange or the like in 1D3 days. The problem will return 1D6 days later if the character fails a Fortitude save.
  • Dream Time Tea (5 gp): Anyone drinking this tea will fall sound asleep for 1d6 hours if they fail a Fortitude save.
  • Healing Poultice (8 gp): Applying this to a wound adds 1 to the character’s healing rate for a day.
  • Soothing Salve (25 cp): This foul smelling unguent stops itching immediately. Anyone using it suffers a -2 CHA penalty.
  • Revitalizing Tonic (5 gp):+1 bonus to Fortitude save for a day.

Side Effects
There is a hitch. If a character takes multiple doses of any of the doctor’s tonics or mixes them with another magical potion on the same day he will suffer a side effect. Roll on the table below to determine what happens (or make up your own entertaining effect). In the good doctor’s defense, potential side effects are labeled on each bottle, albeit in tiny font…

  1. A random body part turns a strange color and/or starts to glow. The character suffers a -1 penalty to Stealth and Persuade rolls until it fades in 1D6 weeks.
  2. All of the character’s fur falls off! CHA is halved until it regrows in 1d3 months.
  3. Bad gas. The character’s stomach is constantly gurgling. He belches and farts frequently for the next 1D6 days. In addition to the social ramifications, he must succeed in a Fortitude save prior to casting a spell or using Stealth or automatically fail the action.
  4. Ravenously hungry. The character must consume twice the normal amount of food for the next 2D6 days. Failure to do so means he suffers a -1 penalty to any action.
  5. Uncontrollable sneezing or hiccups. For the next 1D3 days, the character suffers a -1 penalty to any action. It is impossible to cast spells during this time.
  6. Vision becomes dim and blurry. The character is unable to see anything distinctly at more than arm’s length. Notice and missile weapon attack rolls suffer a -2 penalty. Normal vision returns after 1D3 days.

Jenna Ripplebrook

Jenna lives near the Alder Bridge where she makes her living ferrying creatures up and down the river. A bright and chatty young otter, Jenna always seems to have news of events far away from the Alder Vale.

Jenna: HD 1, HP 5, Dex 12, Defense 2, no armor, boat pole 1D6-1

Jonas Piney

Jonas Piney is a squirrel charcoal burner who practices his trade in the Skalleren Woods. He can be found selling his charcoal all over the Alder Vale. Jonas is a font of “homey wisdom”, is fairly annoying and talks like the guy from the old Pepridge Farms commercials – no wonder he lives alone in the woods! I use Jonas give characters information that they may have missed due to a poor die roll. Miss a Notice roll? Jonas points it out as obvious. Fail a Lore role? Well, old Jonas knows the answer and is happy to rub it in. He doesn’t need stats since the only part he will play is to chastise the characters when they are doing poorly. Monsters leave him alone since they instinctively know that he causes the party more grief while alive.

Rolf Pebblebonnet

Rolf is a raccoon rouge who makes his living doing odd jobs in Stonewell Village. He is always on the lookout for a way to earn a quick coin without really working. He’ll chum up to one of the characters (usually a warrior) and try to involve him in schemes to get “filthy rich”. The abbot recognizes that Rolf has a generally good heart and encourages him to settle down, but his raccoon nature usually gets the better of him. While he’ll happily deal with underworld characters, he’d never knowingly sell out the abbey – though he is gullible enough to get tricked into it…

Rolf Pebblebonnet: Rouge, Level 2, HD 1, HP 5, Dex 13, Defense 4, no armor, club 1D6-1