These creatures cannot be called Vermin, but they are sure are ornery.

Snapping Turtle, Giant

Size: 16-20
Dex: 8
Armor Class: 7 (Defense: 3, shell AP 6)
Hit Dice: 3D6+18
Damage: bite 2D6
Saving Throw: Fort 2+, Reflex 6+, Will 4+
Special: It requires a Notice roll to spot a turtle in the water. If the characters fail it attacks with surprise.
Move: 6 (land), 9 (water)
Challenge Level/XP: 7/58

These foul-tempered beasts are dreaded by any travelling the river or marsh. Lying in wait for with just their nose and eyes above the water, they resembling a rotting log. When a boat or raft passes too closely, the turtle lashes out capsizing the vessel, then turning to dine on those left foundering in the water. The shell of these great beasts is thicker than plate armor. A character may use a Warrior Stunt to target the more vulnerable head and legs (treat as AC 4, AP 3). Turtles can live for hundreds of years and continue to grow throughout their lives. A huge turtle, over 50 paws in diameter, is rumored to live in the Fellmarsh. King Grubelly, of the Toads, is attempting to train captured turtles as beasts of war with mixed results…


Size: 8-10
Dex: 13
Armor Class: 4 (Defense: 3, fur AP 1)
Hit Dice: 2D6
Damage: bite 1D6
Saving Throw: Fort 3+, Reflex 3+, Will 4+
Special: The howl of a warg is frightening. In the first round of combat, characters must make a Will roll or be unable to act. They will automatically recover next round.
Move: 16
Challenge Level/XP: 2/8

Huge wolves prowl the mountains north of the Murkenhills and sometimes are seen deep in the Skalleren Woods as well. They travel in packs of 1D6+4 creatures and are often led by an alpha who has 3D6 for hit dice. Wargs are somewhat intelligent, but can rarely be reasoned with. They hunger for flesh, and the Kind are among their favorite food. Vermin sometimes use these beasts as mounts, but must take care lest they wind up a meal for a hungry warg themselves!