These creatures defy classification. They just ain’t natural… All are malevolent, blood-thirsty monsters that appear to enjoy sowing chaos.

Dragon Snail*

Size: 10-15
Dex: 5
Armor Class: 6 (Defense: 2, shell AP 4)
Hit Dice: 2D6+4/4D6+8
Damage: bite 1D6
Saving Throw: Fort 3+, Reflex 6+, Will 6+
Special: Spit a gob of foul mucous with a range of 20 paws. If it hits, the character must make a Fortitude save or be stunned for a round.
Move: 6
Challenge Level/XP: 4/22 or 6/44

Imagine a common garden snail grown to huge proportions. Now imagine its maw is full of razor sharp teeth, it hungers for flesh and has a very bad attitude. This is a dragon snail. Some have two heads! These are bigger and even meaner than normal, having 4D6+8 for hit dice. These terrible creatures may be encountered in the Fellmarsh. They are an incredible nuisance to the toads and King Grubelly will treat kindly with anyone who brings him the shell of a recently slain dragon snail.

Jack O’ Bear*

Size: 8-10
Dex: 10
Armor Class: 4 (Defense: 3, fur AP 1)
Hit Dice: 3D6+6
Damage: claw 1D6+1
Saving Throw: Fort 3+, Reflex 4+, Will 4+
Special: Jack O’ Bears can hypnotize one creature per round in addition to their attack. The creature must make a Will save to avoid being enthralled. Hypnotized creatures will do the Jack O’ Bear’s bidding including laying down their weapons, attacking friends and so forth. They are allowed a Will save each day to break free.
Move: 12
Challenge Level/XP: 6/44

This odd creature has the body of a bear and the head of a Jack O’ Lantern! Jack O’ Bears stalk the Skalleren Woods and can be found in caves and tunnels in the mountains north of the Murkenhills. They often have a retinue of thralls who serve as shock troops or the occasional snack. A Jack O’ Bear can hypnotize its hit dice in creatures at one time.

Swamp Shambler

Size: 10
Dex: 9
Armor Class: 4 (Defense: 4, no armor)
Hit Dice: 3D6+6
Damage: wallop 1D6+1
Saving Throw: Fort 2+, Reflex 5+, Will 4+
Special: Shamblers take half damage from all attacks except fire and slashing. They regenerate 1 HP per round as long as they are in contact with swampy ground.
Move: 9
Challenge Level/XP: 5/32

Swamp shamblers look like a bipedal mound of rotting vegetation. They prowl the Fellmarsh attacking travelers and leaving their bodies to rot in the swamp. Nobody knows how these awful things come into existence. Perhaps spirits of those who die in the arise as Swamp Shamblers, or maybe a mad sorcerer creates them for some nefarious purpose.


Size: 8
Dex: 10
Armor Class: 3 (Defense: 3, no armor)
Hit Dice: 4D6
Damage: vine 1D6
Saving Throw: Fort 3+, Reflex 4+, Will 4+
Special: Gains 1 hit point per 2 points of damage it inflicts up to twice its starting number of hit points.
Move: none
Challenge Level/XP: 5/32

A malign vegetal intelligence, the tanglewyrd resembles a writhing mass of pumpkin vines. It survives by draining the bodily fluids from its victims and can animate their desiccated remains; enmeshing them in its vines and using them as puppets to defend itself or capture prey.  The creature has the remarkable power to remain hidden in plain sight (treat as Stealth 2+). It is unknown how it performs this deadly trick, but it makes it a deadly ambush predator. It is possible to defeat the invisibility power of the creature by walking in a specific pattern while approaching it. It may be an adventure in itself to discover this weakness. The tanglewyrd is a tenacious plant. Even if defeated, it will regrow its thorny vines in about a month. To truly kill the creature, you must dig it up and burn the roots.

*This monster was gleefully stolen from Runequest.