Back to Numenera

We’re on a hiatus from Zaibatsu after a near TPK. I’ve got a post in the works, but Icculus has to get back to me with all the names I forget or misspell in my write-ups:-)

We decided to give Numenera 2 a go. We’ve abandoned the characters and campaign we were playing a few months ago. Honestly, the rules changes are so minor we could have kept them, but the GM had “gotten his muse” back and wanted to run his own campaign rather than finish off the “Sun Below” stuff. We generated characters and so far we have:

Dudley is a Heroic Glaive who Absorbs Energy

Ildrak is a Stealthy Jack who Crafts Illusions

Maga is a Mutant Glaive who Hunts Mutants

Jemmy is a Curious Delve who Augments Flesh with Grafts

We started the campaign last week and I’ll have a synopsis up later on.

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