Gamma World 15-18: Saving the World through Interpretive Dance

Hi everybody! Wouldzee the Owl here. Did you ever have a lot to do at work and then go on vacation and then come back from work and have even more work to do because nobody did any of your stuff while you were gone and even when you brought a computer and tried to catch up on e-mail you still felt super swamped and it was almost more work to go on vacation than to just stay home and work because you had to make up all that extra work that didn’t get done and then you really didn’t feel like updating your blog because like three people read it and you are pretty sure there are more people in your gaming group than that even? Yeah… Never happens to me either…

Anyhoo, we’ve done so much stuff in the past couple of days that I am having trouble remembering it all. It’s like it’s taken over a month or something to do all this stuff and it’s super hard to remember all the details now.

Gramps has missed the last three games. I think Fridge made it to one of them. Bayou missed last week.

The GM’s son joined us last week. Poser Nutjob is a mutated goat with flaming horns and wings. It’s no wonder people think RPGs are affiliated with Satan…

So we drove our hover tank back to the Yew and didn’t kill any Coyotes on the way and we somehow found Sally and John had her read the Helping Friendly Book to him while he drove and it was cool, but it kind of went on and on and on about a lot of stuff and I am not sure I remember anything important from it other than it talked a bit about how the world got all blowed up and stuff and some of the history of the place we were in and it kind of contradicted all the stuff my Dad told me, when I was a fledgling, about people getting mad at the Canadians because they kept calling ham, bacon and it really wasn’t bacon, because bacon was a lot better and I’d better shut up and eat my mouse and be thankful for it… Or something like that…

Anyhow, we got back to the Yew and we called up Dr. Arrow and she wasn’t happy to hear from us, but Sally convinced her to come out to see us and she fixed up all our broken stuff and enhanced John’s Quantum Bazooka to do even more weird stuff. Then we got someone to kind of fix the tank so we could fire the gun and Sally figured out how to do that, but couldn’t figure out how to drive it or nothing and then we waited for the robots to attack. So they attacked and we blasted a few of them and then I noticed that they weren’t really combat robots and suddenly these drop ships flew over us and they dropped a nuke on the Lab Rats building and I was totally like, “Good thing you came out to help us Dr. Arrow or you’d totally be glowing now,” but she wasn’t nearby and it is probably not polite to gloat so we drove our tank over to the Lab Rats building and started blasting while all these drop ships landed and were setting up equipment and stuff. Finally, our tank got sunk and we lost Sally for a while because she was swimming around underwater attacking robots and John and Beyoh and I were flying around shooting them and stuff.

Eventually, Sally ran into this team or six Seals and they told us they were going into the Lab Rats compound to try and get those robots out and we thought it’d be a good idea to help them out and maybe look for some better guns in the ruins of their complex and Sally had seen the robots trying to attach some cables to the reactor that the Lab Rats have under the lake and so we took the elevator down and had to blast our way through a ton of robots. Anyhoo, the robots eventually called for a cease fire with us and tried to explain what they were doing and apparently this giant snowball in outer space is going to crash into the earth and essentially destroy it all and they are building this big ray gun to blast it out of the sky. I’m totally thinking this is a line of BS, but John takes all their papers and does some science and he’s like “this is legit” and so the robots are actually trying to be good, but just going about it in a totally dick way.

So the robots and people from the Yew call a cease fire and then the robots tell us that they want us to go and talk to Colonel Forbin, who is that robot guy who left a bunch of weapons in an underground bunker under the Yew and had that talking bird and was going to “rescue” us way after the time we needed his help. Turns out that Forbin is not too far away and he is squatting on one of the locations that the robots need to build their giant ray gun and they send us up there to talk to them. So we fly up there and Colonel Forbin was willing to talk with us since we had his talking bird and stuff and he totally didn’t believe that the world was going to end, but Sally did an interpretive dance of the end of the world and if he wasn’t a robot I am sure he would have been crying and he got one of his science guys to talk to John and look over the calculations and stuff and he was totally on board with helping us out as long as he could blast the robots as soon as they’d saved the earth and we were all ok with that too.

Anyhoo, Colonel Forbin and his army left and then the robots came and starting building their ray gun and then the chief robot, who’s name is W1L, but likes to be called General Wilson, called us and told us that the hippies were attacking the refinery where another one of the ray guns was getting installed, so we got into the drop ship and flew over there to talk to them. As we was flying over there, we see this huge army of those radioactive zombies shambling towards the robots and the hippies and we also see this flaming goat getting pursued by the army, so we mow down some of the zombies and pick him up and he seems like a decent guy even though he looks like a demon from the fiery pits of hell.

We eventually go and talk to the hippies and explain that the robots are trying to save the earth and they should stop fighting and worry about the thousands of zombies heading towards them. The hippies totally wanted to run, but we talked them into staying and said we’d do our best to deal with the zombies because John still had a tactical nuke and he was itching to use it and Sally was all like “nuke ’em” and even the goat boy was into it. So we flew back over to where the zombies were and in the middle of the horde we see these priest-guys in a force field and we dive bomb them and drop the nuke right on top of them and it’s like…


…and our drop ship starts making a funny noise, and John passes out and there are all these red, flashing lights and goat boy grabs John and bails out and so I grab Sally and bail out only Sally weighs a lot more than I can carry (but don’t tell her I said that because I think she is sensitive about her figure) and we plummet to the ground and Sally shoots up with something just as I drop her and then she smashes the into ground and gets up and hits it with her powered sledge and then goes screaming at those priests because you knew that they’d survive that nuke, didn’t you? Anyhoo, we fought them and shot and stabbed and slashed and at one time, one of them stole a mini-nuke off John and they blew it up and we were all super glad we’d taken a bunch of Rad-X because I’ve seriously gotten worse sunburns when they lit it off. Their leader was totally impossible to hurt because he had this protective field that John and I have, only he was a lot better looking than John or I so we couldn’t punch through it and then Sally got the bright idea to jab him with a few doses of Psycho and that totally uglified him and then we tore him up but good.

So we were all pretty beat up from the fight, even if John had done more damage to himself when his bazooka backfired than the priests did to him. We watched the robots finish off their ray gun thing and then…


…it totally blasted into the sky and so I guess the world is saved now, but I sure would have given a lot to see that giant snowball explode. That would’ve been cool.


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