Wouldzee does Math

“Since Beyoh is not coming along and Fridge is still dead-dead, that means I’ve got only a one-in-three chance of being blasted when you screw up with that bazooka, John. I like those odds!”

“Wouldzee, you know that one-third is bigger than one-fourth, right?”

“You can’t trick me John, I totally know that four is more than three. See?” Wouldzee demonstrates by waving his tentacles around.

A long conversation follows. John sketches a lot of pie charts in the dirt with his BBQ fork while Wouldzee watches.

“I don’t get it John.”

Another conversation ensues. More diagrams are sketched. After a few minutes John purchases a pair of apples from a local vendor. One is cut into three pieces and the other into four. Wouldzee is pretty intrigued and is very happy when John lets him eat the apples.

“Math sucks John.”


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