Numenera 3: City on the Edge

Two players joined the game so our GM had them join the party on the dock.
Squint is a Mystical Glaive who Fuses Flesh with Steel
John Smallberries is an Empathic Glint who Entertains

We have learned more about this world below and allies have been found.

Shortly after disembarking from our vessel we saw a pair of humans wandering the dock. They had recently arrived at the City on the Edge, but had not travelled there on purpose. The last thing both recalled before waking in the cabin of one of the bio-airships was drinking heavily in a tavern in Uxphon. Squint, carries himself as a warrior. His body is a patchwork of flesh and machine. John Smallberries was a dapper fellow who claimed to be an entertainer. We recruited them to our quest, explaining, as well as we could, the strange place that is the world below.

The dock was not the hive of activity one would expect of a commercial port. A small group of purple-skinned humanoids, whom Mor-Klish told us were the Dh’Lann, stood playing horns for a trio of giant, floating heads. Our Slithik host informed us that these were some sort of vehicle used by the Praithians. As we pondered our next step, one of the heads hovered over to us and introduced itself as the Contessa Kyyndance. How fortunate! We told the Contessa of our desire to retrieve the children and she promised to aid us and get us an audience with the Praithian King Umbral. She instructed a Dh’Lann slave to guide us to the Queen’s Head Inn where we would meet King Umbral.

Urbamorr appears to be a city in decline. Its buildings are crumbling. Mor-Klish explained that the Praithian’s hold little regard for this world, preferring to live in their dreams. The inn was an ancient tower and the top appeared to have crumbled away. We were given quarters, refreshment and some bowl filled with a gas. Many or our party partook of the latter – some more than others – reporting a strange dream-like experience.

While we explored the inn, we were contacted by, Breesh-Vass, a member of the Dh’Lann “underground” a group of slaves that had deactivated their control crystals and were fomenting revolt. They wished to gain our assistance in overthrowing their Praithian overlords. They somehow thought we could provide them weapons in return for the children. We were told that the king was mad and discovered that the Praithian princess is sympathetic to the rebel cause. We also learned that there is no love lost between the Dh’Lann and Slithik. We agreed to meet with the leaders of this rebellion and also considered contacting any Slithik who may be ready to rebel as well.

We eventually were summoned to an audience with the Praithian King on the “bridge” or top floor of the Queen’s Head Inn. A number of “mirrors” were arranged in the room and images of the Praithian we were speaking to appeared in the mirror so they were not required to leave their floating conveyances. Contessa Kyyndance was present, presumably as our sponsor. The king refused to release the children and provided no rational reason why they were required. He would agree to release them if at least two members of our party took their place in his menagerie. We politely declined this offer. He warned us of dire consequences should his wife ever stir from slumber.

We returned to our chambers after the audience and eventually left the inn in the company of Breesh-Vass, the Dh’Lann rebel we had met earlier. They led us through the city and we noticed that the gong used to summon the bio-airships had been removed from the dock. A huge, armored creature stood in its place. Our guide told us that it was a Praithian knight. Apparently King Umbral is concerned that we will return to the surface for reinforcements?

The rebel guide led us through many passages, some were warehouses stocked with food, others rooms piled with decaying machinery. Finally we met with one of the leaders of the Dh’Lann rebellion. Pon-Vass was suspicious of us. We have not mentioned it before, but the Dh’Lann are a hermaphroditic race and they view us as degenerates or deviants. We came to an accord that we would do what we could to aid them. Apparently the princess may be able to deactivate the crystals holding the Dh’Lann and Slithik in subservience. They also require weapons to fight the Praithians and while our party has a few blades and pieces of numenera, we cannot equip an army.

Icculus thought he could fashion some sort of ballista from the machinery we saw in some of the underground passages we had travelled through. Squint, Hex, Icculus and us searched the old machines for numenera. We discovered several devices that would help arm the rebels in these chambers, spending the remainder of the day fashioning weapons.

Axton and John Smallberries returned to the Queen’s Head Inn while we were so engaged. In our absence, Klaro had conceived another Abykos and it attacked Axton as he entered his chamber. He was able to disable the creature with the aid of Praithian dream vapor, but is unsure how long the creature will remain unconscious. This relationship between Axton and Klaro disturbs us. Klaro births one of these creatures each day and they quickly attack her mate. While Axton has fended them off so far, there may come a time when he is wounded or asleep and will not be so fortunate. We will consult the datasphere to determine if there is anything that can be done to prevent these creatures from coming into our world.


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