Numenera 2: The Underground Cruise

Enemies have become friends. We embarked on a strange journey and prepare to enter the City on the Edge.

We forged deeper into the mountain, following the deflated, yellow tubes into a large, circular room. A walkway encircled the chamber and a pair of circular staircases at its far side led up to it. The tubes each ran up one staircase and disappeared down two hallways on this upper level. Upon entering the room, we were assaulted telepathically and warned to flee from this place.

Shortly after, a mist appeared in the room and a giant creature formed within. We’ve seen nothing like it in our travels and we are not sure our description will do it justice… The body of the beast was translucent, gelatinous almost. Waving,  tentacles or vines sprouted from the body. Two were tipped with what appeared to be metal shears or pincers. The head combined aspects of a plant and animal. It began moving towards us in a threatening manner. Again the telepathic message warned us to leave and suddenly a horde of smaller replicas of the creature materialized from the mists behind it. Something struck us as odd about the creatures. They were too translucent. We had little time to ponder the ramifications though. Not willing to leave the children captives, we assisted Mishka and Klaro to the balcony and climbed up ourselves. Our plan was to gain the top of the circular stairs and hold off the creatures there. As we sprinted towards them, the great beast slashed at us and its pincer passed through our body immaterially. An illusion! We spied a chamber with a smaller creature lurking inside and burst through blades ready.

The creature, a more man-sized version of the tentacled horror, cowered before us. Telepathically it cried that it was compelled to resist us, but did not want to fight. Upon examining it, we discovered a gem embedded in the back of its head. Shattering the crystal released the creature from whatever mind control had compelled it to attack us. It told us that its name was Mor-Klish and it was of the Slithik race that lived in the world below. Effectively, these beings are enslaved by means of some technology to a race of beings known as the Praithian. Mishka had heard of these creatures and that they had treated with the surface folk in ages past.

Mor-Klish agreed to help us find the children. It led us through a passage and helped us disarm some traps and doors, eventually leading us to a shaft that took us deep into the earth. We emerged onto some sort of dock within a huge cavern. We could see something that looked like stars above us and a strange airship was moored to the pier in front of us. Mor-Klish told us that these airships travel this cavern, bringing people and goods to the world below. We took passage upon the vessel, finding it crewed by a blue man, Klorsh and a young girl named Lebby.

Our journey was pleasant enough. The captain was a gracious host and Lebby was a precocious child. The vessel is actually some sort of biological creature. We suspect it is artificially grown since it is hard to believe that anything could evolve in this form. Lebby was eager to take us to a room in the vessel called “The River of Stars”. On our way Klaro, who had been complaining of abdominal pains, collapsed and a Abykos materialized from her belly, immediately making for Axton. Lebby calmed the creature with a gesture. Intrigued, we reached out to the datasphere and discovered that Klaro is actually a Nibovian wife. She still clings to Axton who seems nonplussed that his next “offspring” could very well attempt to murder him. A strange race these humans…

We spent time in The River of Stars and found it a most fascinating place. Our fatigue and wounds healed rapidly in this chamber. We saw many fleeting glimpses of artifacts and treasures that we had long sought out. We can see that it would be easy to drift off into the river and never return. Fortunately we did not succumb to its temptation.

The captain and Lebby told us that we should talk to a Praithian who goes by Contessa Kyyndance when we reached Urbamorr, the City on the Edge. They could tell us little of the city itself, though we discerned that all who inhabit it are either members of the Praithian or a slave race. We devised a fake crystal that we applied to Mor-Klish in an attempt to fool the beings of the city into thinking he is still a slave. We fear they will not stand up to close scrutiny, but it is the best we can do for now.


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