Numenera 1: Face in the Cliff

We started playing Numenera again and we’re having a great time. Our GM is running City on the Edge from Dread Unicorn Games. I’ll start recording a synopsis of the game written from the point of view of my character Gurlak Than.

We have found strange companions, suffered great trials and embarked upon an expedition into the depths of the Black Riage.

After releasing Icculus from the vault, we realized that we had inadvertently released another being from stasis. It called itself Hex. While humanoid in form, it glows with a blue energy. We have never seen its’ like.

Icculus proclaimed us apostles of the Book, enjoining us to go forth and spread it to the masses. Hex replied that its mission on the Ninth World was to suppress further transmission of the tome and kill the author if this was not possible. Icculus appeared unperturbed by this information as it was seemingly already recorded in the Book…

At this point we must take an aside to mention that ever since we learned to communicate with the Data Sphere we have been able to perceive many of Icculus’ thoughts. To say the experience is uncanny is an understatement. We fear that millennia of isolation have destabilized this being’s mind.

As Icculus preached, we saw the back of the vault slide away, revealing the shimmering image of a cave. A man was inside harvesting mushrooms. We discovered that this was no mere projections, but actually a gate. Hex entered the gate quite suddenly, we followed with Icculus shortly after. The fungus harvester’s name was Axton. He handled our sudden appearance well, initially believe we were merely a hallucination. From him, we discovered that we had been transported to the Black Riage – leagues away from the Clock of Kala where we had discovered Icculus and Hex.

Axton had taken refuge in the cave earlier when he had seen an Iron Wind approaching. We carefully made our way to the cave mouth and found the danger had passed. We decided to make our way back to Uxphon – the nearest settlement of any size – to consider our options. As we travelled down the road, we ran into a work gang coming up from the city to clear the road damage caused by the Iron Wind. They told us that a marvelous face had appeared in the cliffs further along the road. Intrigued, we accompanied the workers to see this marvel.

Arriving at the site of the face, we saw it must have been 20 to 30 feet in height. It was cracked through in many places and appeared to be deteriorating as we watched. It spoke in strange languages, but every now and again uttered something in the Truth. We caught the following phrases:

“The sun Below”, “Floating Heads Tell Tales”, “The World Below”, “The Portal Station Needs Repair”, “The Daughter Sees. The Father Cannot. The Mother Might”

A group of Aeon priests were present when we arrived. We chatted briefly with their leader Mishka whose husband was busy inscribing the utterings of the face, while their grandchildren played nearby. As we approached the face, it suddenly shattered and a tentacled beast launched itself into attack. It tore apart Mishka’s husband and some bystanders, then turned its attention to us. The battle was hard fought, but our companions proved to be stalwart and we eventually slew the beast. Icculus recognized the creature, noting that a chapter of the Book was devoted to a list of its names in all languages, but we believe it is commonly called a Travonis ul.

During the battle, the grandchildren of the Aeon priests were captured by some strange yellow tubes. She asked us to help her rescue them and we agreed to accompany her into the cave mouth along with another member of her party, Klaro. The tubes ran on for some distance, leading us into a hexagonal room deep within the mountain. We found chambers to either side that appeared to contain the Travonis ul in some sort of stasis. Fortunately for us, one of the devices had failed long ago. We would have surely perished had we faced two of the beasts!


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