Pleiadean Council Agent File #33210KL-867-5309-9999 (translated)

Hex is an Extraterrestrial Nano who Becomes Energy


  • Name: Hexovlynn Norval III of The Scoyfol Society >  know as Hex on Earth / known also as Charlie Sheen (particularly by the curiosity known as Icculus).  Clearly the ‘Sheen’ is a references to Hex’s blue energy glow that makes him appear to have shining blue skin.
  • Origin: Planet Zelectra V in the Merope system
  • Assignment: Earth Nano Research division (ENR)
  • Exiled from the Meropian System for repeated violation of Statute #201023-EQ01 (as documented elsewhere).


  • Earth-type Nano neural fusion (as per assignment)
  • Accidental, brief exposure to full Z23 particle stream (effects unknown)
  • Zelect eyes (large red/orange iris with large, always dilated pupils)
  • The blue glow producing a blue skin appearance
  • Large cranium typical of Zelects
  • Cognitive mods for anger and impulse
  • Cognitive mods including engineering enhancements

Mission Summary

Hex’s original mission has been classified.  His new mission and status is described below.

Four Earth years ago, the 8000 Earth Seclusion Firewall was somehow breached.  An unabridged version of something called the Helping Friendly Book was broadcast to most worlds of the Pleiadean Systems.  It was quickly isolated and contained.  However, many of the people were exposed have become obsessed and some have had cognitive breakdowns. Most that were exposed have subsequently been healed.  However, one primary researcher went catatonic.  All efforts to restructure his cognitive networks failed.  All he does now is make visual scanning motions with his eyes as if he is still reading the Helping Friendly Book.  In local speak, he is in ‘full flow.’  Despite our advanced cognitive abilities, the endless scrolling and never ending structure of the Helping Friendly Book is impossible to handle by our various sentient species.   Even our advanced sentient synthetics were unable to process the data without danger.

Hex was instructed to find the source of the Helping Friendly Book.  He has received training in reference to all that is known about bio-neural oddities such as Icculus.  He also received an engineering modifier in his fifth lateral analytic cortex to help with any necessary repairs for Icculus.  After a few years of searching Hex was able to find Icculus in the company of a Lattimor seeker.

Hex regularly reported his findings for approximately one Earth year and he even wrote a book, Flow Safely my Decent Fellows, a great aid to our researchers in the Pleiadean System. This guide allowed safer research on the Book.  The research has subsequently revealed an immense amount of information related to the activity of the Greys on and around Earth. The Beta CV group of Greys on Earth is known for unrivaled depravity and for conducting restricted research with humans. Information on their activities was very welcome.

Mission update

Hex has not reported to his contacts in over three Earth months, nor has he or Icculus been seen.  All tracking of Hex has somehow been disabled.  It is not known if he is still alive.  Likewise the status of Icculus is unknown as well.  An elite investigative force has been sent to Earth to determine their status (transit time = 1.3 Earth years).


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