Pusher’s Syndicate: Putting the Organized back into Organized Crime

Another background tale for our Numenera game. Axton Hoyt is an Impulsive Jack who Abuses Alchemy

Incident Report: Lab Recipe Book

Filed By: Roger Stephens

To: William Rosenberg

As you are aware, we have been suspicious of Axton Hoyt’s behavior recently.  There had been reports from customers that their orders were a bit light.  Data mining of the shipment characteristics indicated all the incidents were either from single large shipments or multiple smaller shipments of the same day made by Hoyt.  By the time we had finished our analysis, it was also clear that his imbibing of the product had begun to change his body chemistry.

We had begun keeping a closer eye on Hoyt and were working to build up the solid case needed seeing as Pusher had taken Hoyt under his wing due to coming from similar circumstances, raised in poverty by a single mother and all.  Hoyt must have caught on that we were closing in.  Several nights ago he broke into our regional lab and stole our local copy of the recipe book. We tracked him; his trail going from market to market buying up as much of our ingredients as he could get his hands on.  Knowing Hoyt’s lifestyle, he got the money also from skimming from the syndicate.  At that point, his trail gets unclear.  We have a few leads to follow, but Hoyt’s years of experience evading the authorities serves him well.

Pusher will not be pleased to learn of this betrayal from a trusted confident nor the potential loss of our exclusive market.  I wish you good luck breaking the news to him.


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