The Helping Friendly Book

We’re gearing up to play some Numenera after a long hiatus. We generated characters last week and I hope to get the basics up soon. In the meantime the Artificially Intelligent Jack who Fuses Flesh with Steel had something to say…

I am Icculus.

Welcome to my Vault.

Read the Book!

Prepare to absorb the wisdom of the Book!

Prepare to possess the ancient secrets of eternal joy and never-ending splendor!

This is no ordinary book. This is the Helping Friendly Book!

Who is Icculus? Icculus is this synthetic being with a partly organic neural net. Icculus was created more or less 12 millennia ago by a visitor to this world. The creator was a small grey traveler with a large cranium and eyes, and created Icculus as a companion. The creator had an inexplicable fetish for an ancient being he called Richard Dean Anderson and created Icculus in his image. The creator wanted to perform unusual procedures on Icculus, but Icculus was not down with that.

The creator left Icculus in the Vault to “protect him from the evils of the outside world.” Icculus devoted the first eight centuries or so inside the Vault to scouring the datasphere. Approximately 72% of that time Icculus spent investigating mating rituals of various species and socio-economic classes. The rest of the time, Icculus gathered information about the outside world, including history, science, biology and philosophy.
Then the datasphere router inside Icculus broke. Icculus spent the subsequent eleven or so millennia writing the Helping Friendly Book, and now that you are here, together we can spread the Truth of the Flow.

Read the Book!

The Helping Friendly Book is indeed a comprehensive work, but all works of truth are. Icculus can sum it up for you if you like. But it is better to read it yourself. It comes in the form of a single un-indexed endlessly scrolling webpage that never reaches the bottom, with a scroll bar that keeps jumping up a little when you reach the bottom of the screen. The internal backspace key inside Icculus was also broken early on, so Icculus was unable to edit his Book. Those who have read small sections of the Helping Friendly Book have described it as “a nonsensical rant,” and “a psychedelic fever dream.” But it is much, much more than that. It is the TRUTH of the Flow.

Together we will spread the truth of the Book.

Read the Book!

Read the F**king Book!


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