D&D 24: A Supplication Whispered in the Night

To my protector and savior, whoever you may be: I am not skilled in the act of prayer. I was not taught to make offerings to the gods, or to go begging for their help. My Noble Father taught me that those who did so were bumpkins and asses, too desperate and too lazy to help themselves. He always said our appearance of piety was enough to satisfy the rabble. Attendance at our temple was a family mandate, but I typically used that time to catch up on sleep lost in the casino or bordello. So, please forgive my ignorance; I have no experience in what I am supposed to say to you. Nor (now that I think of it) do I know for certain who I am actually directing my gratitude to….

You are clearly a great being with the power to restore my pitiful remains from ashes (so I am told—I have no memory of being reduced to dust, nor of my return). And despite the unusual facial scar or mark I have been left with, your power to heal and restore is astonishing. Truly! I would not want to complain or to criticize about the blemish you have mistakenly granted me. I can only assume your work was an oversight, and don’t get me wrong, for I am truly humbled by your guardianship. But perhaps you might see fit to one day correcting that one small error on your part?

As far as the future goes, may it please you to protect my younger brother, and Master Khalim, and especially my fellow travelers–unless of course, they perform an act outside your particular ethos, whatever that might be, or unless they displease you in some way, in which case let me apologize in advance for that inevitable transgression, and beg you to spare them for their folly. If you should see fit to again protect my most humble existence from the dangers inherent in our mission, I promise (upon learning more about your requirements of me, of course) to consider making an offering of some sort to you. Perhaps the approximately twelve to thirteen thousand gold talons (in the form of coin and precious gems) that I previously held that were disintegrated along with my previous body could be considered a downpayment toward such a tribute? I’m assuming with your immense power you have some way to “reclaim” that destroyed wealth?

In any case, I look forward to knowing more of your mind; hopefully we will see eye to eye and I will be able to consider myself your servant….sort of jump on your bandwagon as it were, as I really have no other commitments?

I am truly, desperately, humbly, respectfully, yours,

Shai Tan



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