D&D 22-24: About Time Ain’t It?

I’ve been busy, blah, blah, blah… We’ve finished up 3 sessions and I haven’t made the time to gin up a synopsis. I condensed them into this last letter to Friar Ignatius. For those without time to read: Got to Malaam & stormed castle, ambushed by red dragon after we’d used all our spells, stormed castle again and found the idol.

Dear Friar Ignatius,

Finds meself again askin’ yer forgiveness with regards t’ me tardiness in replyin’ t’ yer last missive. Thin’s be more complicated in this part o’ t’ world, what with Tieflin’s and Dragonborn and strange classes o’ fighters and thieves what seem t’ abound hereabouts. Thar be rumors o’ some evil overlord buyin’ up t’ magical spectrum o’ late too! Onto me tale though.

Surprisin’ly me rum-fueled plan has gone off with nary a hitch. Considers t’ disintegration o’ t’ sorcerer only a minor setback does I. More on that later.

We’ve been carvin’ through all manner o’ devils o’ late. Made our way through a magic gate t’ Malaam and then stole into Shai Tan’s ancestral castle by means o’ a secret passage what Master Khaleem showed us. While he and his men made a ruckus, me and t’ lads cleared t’ castle from t’ inside. ‘Twas a brisk action I tells ye and we were well-spent from t’ effort. Holed up in a tower we did that night t’ get ourselves some much needed rest, but ’twas not t’ be. A great red dragon lands on t’ tower whilst yours truly be on watch.

Oh, I know they’re easy t’ spot in your neck o’ t’ woods, but ye’d be surprised at how quiet such a big critter can be in these parts Ignatius. Anyhow, raised t’ alarm I did and let t’ beast have a taste o’ me hammer before it spilled me guts. When I awoke, that damned half-elf paladin be givin’ me t’ once over. Feel t’ need for a bath now… In a dire spot we be, but as fate would have it a buckoly air elemental showed up and started pesterin’ t’ beast. We took t’ opportunity t’ beat feet through t’ secret passage before t’ lot o’ us be slain.

Havin’ abandoned our position, we needed t’ storm t’ castle again. T’ damn dragon had made sure we could no longer use our secret passage, so we assaulted t’ aft gate whilst Master Khaleem made a feint at t’ fore one. We cleared our gate house in short order and flung open t’ doors t’ let t’ rest o’ our forces in. After regroupin’ with Master Khaleem and workin’ over a few o’ t’ prisoners we discovered that t’ terrible black idol what be controllin’ most o’ t’ common foot soldiers o’ Malaam be secured down in a deep dungeon below t’ castle.

T’ lads and I made our way below, fightin’ some second-strin’ beholders and finally found t’ room where t’ idol be held. (See ye what I done thar Ignatius? Har!) ‘Twas guarded by three devils, a half orc cleric and a tieflin’ sorcerer. Made short work o’ t’ devils, we did, but that sorcerer were a real pain in t’ arse. Turned hisself invisible and cast all sorts o’ dire spells at us. Finally disintegrated Shai Tan (poor bastard) before t’ half elf cut him down.

I must admit that me first inclination be t’ scatter t’ nob’s ashes t’ t’ four winds and see about takin’ service with his evil overlord brother, but for a lark I decided t’ call upon t’ Tentacled Whisperer t’ brin’ him back t’ life. Me prayer be answered, but methinks it weren’t Pyaray what done t’ answerin’. Saw me a glimpse o’ some kind o’ green-skinned and win’ed humanoid afore he come t’ life. Most peculiar says I.

When ye have a chance, be so kind as t’ peruse t’ temple library and see if ye can make out what manner o’ thin’ appeared durin’ me prayer. Interested t’ know what kind o’ devil be watchin’ over that Shai Tan I’d be.

Anyhow, I worked up a divination and discovered how t’ destroy that black idol. One cone o’ cold and a crack with me hammer later and t’ soldiers o’ Malaam be free. Shai Tan’s brother still be lurkin’ about though. We’ll be payin’ him a visit next!

Black Jack Barcelona

Post Script – Seems that red dragon must’ve eaten too many o’ Master Khaleem’s recruits. T’ bloody beast’s got t’ runs. Thank Hastur Shai Tan’s brother holed up in some underground lair rather than makin’ a run for it. Ye don’t want t’ be travellin’ with a red dragon defecatin’ over t’ whole countryside!


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