Our D&D game has been on hiatus for the past couple of weeks. The rest of the group wrote up characters (and planes) for Warbirds and played a quick scenario I pulled out of my ass with the assistance of the Mission Cards. The premise of the adventure is the characters are hired to escort a hydrocarbon pumping station to a prime spot. One of the PCs is owned by “the mob” and needed to get a package over to the station. He bluffed his way onto the station with the rest of the crew. They played cards, drank and a couple of them “got lucky” with some of the ladies on board. I ran a couple of dog fights against some pirates and as we wrapped up the game, the players discovered the pirate base.

It’s a really fun game. We figured out fighter combat rapidly. I’m struggling to balance opponents. The four PCs chewed through six opposition fighters rapidly in the first engagement. I ambushed them in the second engagement and one of the players ended up spending most of his reserve to avoid spiraling to his death in the murk, but the NPCs were knocked out of the sky in short order – only one of them escaped. My gut sense is I could throw a good 10-12 fighters at the players and they’d handle them easily. I’ll need to have a couple of more competent NPC pilots to give them a challenge.

We’re back to D&D this week, but plan on playing some more Warbirds in the future. I even picked up a bunch of 1/300 scale plane miniatures for the game. It looks like a really easy game to pick up and run if nobody has written a proper adventure for the week!


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