D&D21 – Taking Out the Pit Fiend

A letter, recited to a seabird:
Master Khalim, At Sea Somewhere North of Lafely,

I trust this note, memorized by our friend, this frigatebird, whose unpronounceable name I’m told is translated as “Faster than an Osprey,” will reach you safely. And I trust you are having luck recruiting some stalwart swords to fight the fiend-loving usurper (whose name I will not speak here.)

We have had some luck convincing the Ma’alam forces here in Lafely that we have suffered some grievous injuries (and in fact, some of us have), so that their guard would be down for our real attack. The three bone devils we destroyed led them to believe that our forces were decimated. So that when we returned tonight via a secret tunnel entrance into the heart of the mayors’ residence, they never suspected our arrival. My studies with you regarding ancient military history were some of my favorites, and trust me, tonight, working with the even resistance fighters, we performed a pincer maneuver for the history books.

Our little band started the attack by thrashing on another scantily clad winged she-devil and her human cohorts. Indeed, she was a shrew, for she let out a piercing wail that brought reinforcements in the form of a pit fiend and more soldiers, just as we were tearing through the first group.

Despite some tense moments, the temporary fall of the valiant and unpredictable Cap’t. Barcelona once or twice (who’s counting?), and with the help some massive paladinic holy smites, surprise backstabs from the hobbit, and with Blarpy’s seemingly intimate knowledge of pit fiend rectology, we were able to send him back to his home plane of existence.

We have scoured the residence for useful items and after a brief rest are just now about to pass through the portal to Ma’alam. Nas’r knows I hope to see you and your forces sooner than later, and hopefully we will meet in the sun-drenched, flower-scented streets of our fair city with the people chanting our names to the heavens.

(Hopefully our messenger bird friend here will appropriately translate my modest prose. Might I suggest an appropriate little squid treat for him?)

I remain,
Your Faithful Student,


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