Woodland Warriors & Other Stuff

I’ve added a good number of monsters for Woodland Warriors. I am looking forward to springing some of the critters on my players when they visit Grubelly in a future adventure.

I picked up several packs of Woodland Warriors miniatures form Splintered Light and they are really nice. Bob Olley did the sculpting. I had picked up some squirrels, mice and weasels ages ago. Now I have badgers, otters and a pile of adversaries. I also picked up the townsfolk pack which contains characters based off the Wind in the Willows. My kids really enjoyed those stories – Toad’s antics especially. I can see stately Toad Hall sitting along the banks of the Alder. I’m sure they will need to pay him a social call at some time…

Finally got around to reading the Monte Cook Games fan use policy and turns out I need to plaster disclaimers all over the site. Seems an awful pain in the arse. I’ll need to redo some of the content layout to make it less of a bear. For now I have it up on the landing pages and hopefully finish the other content in a few days.


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