A Prayer to the Tentacled Whisperer of Impossible Secrets

Mighty Pyaray. Tentacled Whisperer o’ Impossible Secrets. Hear me prayer.

Thankee for your bestowin’ upon us this terrible demon-ship what we took in fair and bloody combat in t’ doomed city o’ Kilerth. Them rouges ye seen fit t’ send us for a crew done an adequate job o’ it and I ain’t needed t’ threaten t’ lot with sacrifice for nigh on a week now.

Thankee for givin’ us t’ opportunity t’ best more o’ them devils in a smart shipboard action outside t’ city o’ Keuset as well. Thought our time had come in that one, did I. Har! Pleased was I t’ see that bastard half-elf paladin a sinkin’ t’ t’ bottom o’ t’ sea durin’ t’ engagement. Tell me what I done t’ displease thee oh Pyaray, for he come back t’ haunt me just a few moments later.

Thankee for puttin’ that one-eared elf pirate in me sights again. Spied his ship did I in t’ port o’ Keuset. I’ll have me vengeance and send ye another jack tar for your fleet what plies t’ ocean depths.

Finally, thankee for seein’ us to Keuset with only minor maimin’ and for havin’ a princess a workin’ in t’ hospital. Tis time for Old Black Jack t’ turn on t’ charm. Har!


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