D&D14 – Fight on the Beach

Master Khalim, Former Sergeant-at-Arms to the Emir, Tower of Ahriman, Great City of Malaam, Current resident of Caazham

My Esteemed Master Khalim,

I hope this parchment will be legible all told, as the agitation of the ship on the waves is incessant. Indeed, I find myself, again shipboard, cast upon the Sea of Prosperity hoping to reach the great city that lies to the south.

The ship, we won from devils battling other evil creatures, both sides despoiling the city of Kilerth. The winged she-devil leading the fray was none other than Noriazul, who was responsible for the bewitchery and soul-possession of many of the evil giant-folk being employed in the conflict. Indeed, she commanded a charmed stone giant against us. Between the boulder-hurling, club-swinging giant and her prowess with her vile blade, it was a close thing for our party. In the end, Noriazul was vanquished, disappearing in a flurry of sulfur. The combat affirmed to me I have great need to uncover a method, apart from our party’s strength-at-arms, to take on these devils. My conjury is less than lethal to them, and I want to find an effective course to injure, banish or subdue them. This knowledge will also be essential to overthrow the fiend that enthralls my homeland.

I am writing you, retired to my meager cabin feigning seasick to my mates. Truth be told, I feel no illness, other than a terrible headache from all the bellowing, swaggering, profanity and bluster up on deck. Truly, Cap’t Barcelona is in his element with the brigand crew; they dread his disfavor and his whip. The paladin prays constantly and is often seen fondling and caressing his nasty devil-inflicted wounds. Six-toe is a shadow that lurks, emerging when the grog is brought out, and the furry-footed bard chronicles every mundane event (Hey Ho! Blow Your Lunch! my least favorite) with his enchanted lute. As for the wee lech, he is often as not swimming alongside the ship in form of a dolphin or narwhal, or on deck curled up with his furry pets in the coils of an enormous viper. He will, no doubt, disappear into the nether regions of the boundless brothel district upon our arrival. To each his own.

We head to the great city, in hopes of securing provisions, perhaps purchasing arcane items,  hearing updates on the insurgency between evil factions, and uncovering wisdom of a palpable challenge to the fiends.

I remain,
Your Faithful Student,


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