D&D11 & 12

The next two games were back into this drow dungeon. Each fight is a challenge and we end up burning most of our spells to get through them. Drow are a real pain in the arse to fight (and probable to GM). All of them use poison and we’re constantly making saving throws against their damn Fairy Fire spells (I think 6-toes and I needed to make a dozen saves each in one fight).

Dear Friar Ignatius,

Well-spent from our initial foray into that hell-pit o’ Drow, we decided t’ wander up t’ side o’ yon mountain and bed down. As ye might well imagine, them nasty buggers made a foray against us in t’ middle o’ t’ night whilst t’ pretty lads was on watch. That Drider what we thought went t’ Davy Jones’ locker and a band o’ his bully-boys came at us. A close run thin’ it was I tell ye. Them bastards poison up all their weapons so even after t’ battle we spend t’ next couple o’ hours heavin’ up our guts.

Down into t’ hole t’ next day, we went. Made it t’ t’ bottom o’ t’ shaft, findin’ ourselves in a big room what was covered in a carpet o’ bones. Knowin’ what ye be thinkin’ I does Ignatius. We was on guard when t’ thin’s rose up as skeletons and engaged us. A couple a big ones with bull heads was in t’ fray too. Made short work o’ them, did I, by callin’ on t’ Tentacled Whisperer t’ smite them. Gathered up a bit o’ doubloons and a magic item what holds me some extra spells.

Fairly well spent, we were after havin’ our sleep interrupted and tanglin’ with them skellies, but we poked our heads into a couple more rooms. Thar be trolls down in these warrens, but we were lucky enough t’ not encounter one o’ the beasts. We decided t’ head t’ t’ surface and hope for a good night’s rest and hit t’ place again t’ next day.
Black Jack Barcelona


Rather than write ye a new letter, I be addin’ t’ results o’ t’ most recent foray t’ this missive.

We wound our way aft into t’ place. No greetin’ committee o’ undead was about this time. We took another passage, findin’ ourselves in another room with a ladder leadin’ down. Spied me one o’ them Drow bastards squintin’ up at us did I, so I slid down t’ ladder t’ try and crush him. Quick little devil he be and took off runnin’ down t’ hallways o’ this benighted place. T’ lads and I had no hope o’ runnin’ him down and we finally comes t’ a drawbridge spannin’ some bottomless chasm that he and his cronies be busily a-hoistin’.

That ugly hobbit conjured himself a pack o’ wolves on t’ far side o’ t’ bridge, while I slung a grapnel over it and prepared t’ swin’ across. That damn paladin steps into a cloud o’ mist and disappears. Good riddance, thinks I, only t’ sees him step out o’ more mist on t’ other side o’ t’ chasm and begin t’ fightin’ with them Drow. Slew ’em all, leavin’ me no part in that fight. Bastards! At least they didn’t let any o’ them get away.”

Followed a passage deeper into their elfsy lair and our poor wolves fell prey t’ another ambuscade. Bastard Drow be one-trick ponies what with their darkness and fairy fire spells. Tried t’ cast it on me, they did, but I shrugged off their fey magic easily. We tore into t’ lot o’ them with gusto and left no surviors t’ carry a warnin’.

Finally found ourselves in a room with some priestess pourin’ over one o’ them nasty idols we keep comin’ across and a pair o’ them Driders too! T’ lads kept t’ priestess a busy healin’ herself while t’ paladin and I engaged them spider-folk. By Hastur, ’twas a hard fought action, but we prevailed thanks t’ t’ Tentacled Whisperer.

Best be wrappin’ this up me lad. We’s got one o’ them funny bearded devils caught in a pentagram that needs killin’ and this moon goddess cross t’ find.

Black Jack


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