D&D #2: The Uncharted Desert Isle

We made it to shore and scouted out a ruined complex on the island we spotted last game. Inside we found a teleportation chamber that took us to the desert in the southern continent. We played a bit more than what the latest letter shows, but I wanted to break it off here for the crewmen as it wouldn’t have made much sense otherwise.

To crewmen Lefty & Stumps,

Pleased be I t’ see ye lads had t’ salt t’ come lookin’ for us. Be not afeared o’ enterin’ yon dungeon. We scared off t’ pumas what was nestin’ in its entrance and squashed them big spiders what had dug their way in. Took care o’ t’ loot too ya thievin’ bastards! Har!

Deep in t’ lair found a magical portal we did. That six-toed hobbit was able t’ ken its operation, so I reckon a couple o’ simpletons like ye will have no trouble with it if t’ need arises. Me and t’ lads plan t’ open a gate t’ t’ southern continent, at least I reckon it be that hellish land, and see if we can navigate t’ Caazham. If we find anythin’ better than this bloody island we’ll return t’ get ye.

Now it comes t’ mind that ugly hobbit set eye to a couple o’ ravens what seemed a might too interested in us. I’d lay odds t’ blasted creatures be t’ demonic familiars o’ some mad wizard or cultist livin’ in t’ wilds. Keep a weather eye out for t’ bloody thin’s and if ye be captured, pray t’ Dagon that me and t’ lads get aft in time t’ save ye.

If t’ fates be so unkind as t’ separate us, either because one or t’ other o’ us went t’ Davy Jones’ locker or your predicament plain slips me noggin’, I want you t’ ken that ye done an adequate job repairin’ t’ vessel and I’m surprised ye managed t’ live through t’ earlier scuffle. I wouldn’t begrudge havin’ lads like the both o’ ye on me crew again. Me word ye has that if I find your mutilated corpses I’ll see ye has a decent send off and I’ll happily raise a mug o’ grog t’ your memory.

Black Jack Barcelona


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