D&D5 – Cast of Characters

We’re giving D&D 5th edition a go these days. I’m not sure if I am sold on the system yet. It’s better than fourth edition. But that’s like saying “it’s not as bad as a shit sandwich” and “shit sandwich” is precisely what I think of when fourth edition comes to mind… It is way less fiddly than third edition which is a bonus, but I still feel a little over my head with all the options which I just don’t understand. For example, my cleric can cast two different “blast ’em” spells at first level. One of them does 4d6 radiant damage (av. 14 pts) and the other does 3d10 necrotic damage (av. 16.5 pts). Why would I use the radiant one? I’m sure there is some reason and I’ll get screwed soon enough when we encounter the monster that is not affected by radiant damage…

Anyhow, here are the characters:

Bartley “Sixtoe” Hornbottom (Halfling Rogue, Lawful Neutral)
Black Jack Barcelona (Human Cleric, Chaotic Neutral)
Blarpy P. Fungalstalk (Gnome Druid, Neutral)
Chorizo “Nancy” Kielboss (Halfling Bard, Chaotic Good)
Glaber (Half-orc Eldritch Knight, Chaotic Neutral)
Shaitan (Human Sorcerer, Lawful Evil)


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