Two Cypher System Kickstarters

Ah Crackstarter – what would I do without you? Just when I think I can keep some extra cash in my wallet you pull me back in. Both of these look great and I’m most likely going to pull the trigger on them, I just don’t know at what level…

First off: Vurt by Ravendesk Games. This is based off the writings of Jeff Noon. The artwork looks phenomenal. The premise looks like it has a lot of similarities with The Strange from MCG. The existing tiers are a little confusing if you are hoping to get print and stretch goals. The guys at Ravendesk mentioned clarifying or adding some new levels, so I am holding off for now.

Next we have Numenera: Into the Ninth World. Monte and the gang are taking Numenera into outer space. This looks very promising. I’d been toying with the idea of running a space game using the Cypher System Rulebook, so it’s great to have MCG do all the heavy lifting for me! My only problem is what tier do I pledge at? I’d love to get the maps they are offering, but since I pledged super-fan on the box set I’m already getting 2 of he books and the artifact deck. MCG is offering super-fans a $100 store credit, but I’ve got so much of his stuff already I can’t figure out what to buy with the $20 I already have… Too bad they don’t have a better option for super-fans, but I’d imagine it’d be a logistical nightmare.


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