Strange #10: R639

I’ve been trying to write up an adventure for weeks and things just aren’t coming together. Finally decided to run one of the published ones from The Dark Spiral so the other players would stop creaming me at boardgames… If you haven’t played this adventure Noomi’s entry will be a spoiler. I did tweak the adventure a bit and had to reward their creativity at getting a generator up and running and starting Kyle’s car.

>LOG ENTRY #13957M
hertzfeld gave us the task of investigating a newly discovered recursion <r639>. it appears to be an exact double of seattle and the estate compound, sans any higher life and with all energy sources extinguished. the campus appeared totally deserted and investigation led us to the basement lab areas where apparently all the inhabitants fled rapidly and were disintegrated or dehydrated, approximately 2 months prior. mendal jury-rigged a generator with my laptop battery, which ran feebly and barely turned on the lights. security footage confirmed a surprise attack which annihilated everyone here, including animals. outside we put yanders to good use pushing kyle’s car for a pop-start. that too barely ran—we piled in <how can skinner stand riding around in a car reeking of cheap cologne—i think it may be axe?> and got a few blocks away into the completely deserted city before we ran into ambrose white walking down the street. i don’t fully grasp his true motives yet, but he appears to share my fear/hatred of the hirudo. the gto stopped running and skinner luckily spotted a formation of some creatures in flight—a group broke off and veered in our direction. the battle was joined and we slowly batted and blasted away at the fleshy, cloak-like creatures covered in fractal patterns, killing four or five of the eight on us; then suddenly realized the rest of the huge flock of creatures had come about and was headed towards us. we broke off and made a tactical withdrawal <estate training seminar> toward the gate. wtf?! how does seattle parks department in some artificially created recursion still need to go and leave a pile of mulch in the middle of the f**king sidewalk? i face planted. “let me help you up little missy,” yanders says and cops a good loooong feel in the process….let me just say that it’s a good thing yanders is literally mentally retarded <i’m not a psychiatrist, but i’m pretty sure> otherwise i would have been obligated to blast what little exists inside his skull out his ear holes.

From the desk of R. Keith Yanders:

Journal entry 4581

Ran out of ink and that little twerp Joey used up all the pens in my apartment on purpose! Either that or his ( for lack of a better word I’ll use ) “girlfriend”, Esther, keeps putting them in her purse….bi*ch! Anyway, I finally picked up a new bic and thought I would catch up, but f**k it, I ain’t writing all that….you can figure out where I was. Man, this whole pen thing with Joey has me ticked off….little pr**K! Come to think of it, that Kyle dude has me all pi**ed off as well! He had me pushing his sorry a** around in his f*’n car like he was Ms. Daisy and sh*t. Then he had the nerve to tell me to go pick him up some chicken!!! He’s lucky I don’t pick him up by his a** with my foot! I’m too f*’n pi**ed off to write!
Reminder: shove Joey up K…yl…….e’s as……..s……………….. wha..t ..the …f*…k is wrong…..wit…h this…. pe..n. JOEY!@!!!


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