Strange #8: Game and no Synopsis!

So we’ve been pretty lazy with the last game synopsis. Then I was out of town on vacation, we had a rash of sickness and other reasons we couldn’t game so it’s been over a month since we played! I’ll catch us up on the last couple of games before I forget them.

We polished off the “boss fight” in the Eschatology Code. It was a tough fight and the characters were pretty spent by the end of it. They decided to avoid flying home… Instead they rented a limo and tried to hit every Popeye’s Chicken on the way back to Seattle…

One of the players took over as GM. He’s written up Antithesia on the Recursion Codex and he sent us there on a scouting mission. I decided to play Joey Finkelstein – A Slacker Spinner who Steals. You may recognize him from some of the R. Keith Yanders journal entries. Antithesia is messed up… We translated to this huge desert. There is no sun, no air and we’re all basically some kind of undead creature (with the exception of Yanders – he’s an animated statue). The only thing of significance is the huge, black, upsidedown pyramid with a stream of energy spewing from the top.

We move in to check it out. There are signs of a battle in the entrance. Looks like the zombies and the skellies are going at it. We enter the building and find ourselves in a very Egyptian-like tomb. The walls are often covered in cartouches. There are traps and some undead horrors (zombie crocs are my favorite so far) and puzzles we’ve had to figure out. It’s a good, old dungeon crawl, only all of us are basically playing the monsters you’d expect to fight in the tomb! Joey is a ghoul, Yanders a statue, Skinner is a vampire, Mendal is a mummy…

We’ve had two sessions in this place and haven’t figured out what is going on. We got the following GM Intrusion sent to us this week:

You’ve just finished destroying three zombified crocodiles and removing the emeralds set into their collars. The chamber you are in is is 40′ x 90′ and filled with a full scale Nile river barge about 15′ wide and 50′ long. It is hovering two or three feet above the floor.

Joey is the first to perceive a trembling in the floor and walls originating down the single hallway that leads to this room. Within a few seconds, you all feel it and turn to look down the hallway. You see what appear to be three dark-robed figures backing their way down the hallway toward you, two of them firing off what appear to be rapid fire crossbows and the other casting spells. When they get within 50 feet of the chamber you are in, from around the corner emerges what they are attempting to hold at bay: two war chariots being drawn by skeletal horses, driven by skeleton warriors, with three skeleton archers each firing arrows. Walking behind and commanding the skeletal squad is what appears to be a priest, clearly a vampire. The three dark robed figures turn to retreat from the onslaught and stop short as they notice your party in the chamber.

You are cornered in this room.


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