Strange #7: The Eschatology Code

I ran most of The Eschatology Code last game. I did not let the characters have firearms on the plane. Kyle’s player keeps grousing that he never gets to shoot anybody…  Yanders was sitting between a brick salesman and a sock salesman on the plane. Of course they had samples in their carry-on luggage! Anyhow, removing firearms from the equation made the fight a lot more interesting. The players had to get to their enemies and use their fists (or brick-socks) to take them out. After they subdued the baddies, they hacked the glasses. Dr. Mendal’s player puts them on and promptly boffs his Intellect Defense roll. I let it ride and while they were questioning the prisoners, Dr. Mendal starts seeing the cultists point of view. Thanks to the glasses, he also knows plasma arc now. “Time to teach these non-believers a lesson!” The players got into the fight scenes. Yanders shoved an old lady out of his way to stove in the head of one of the baddies and when he dodged Mendal’s plasma arc later in the fight, I ruled it jumped to her artificial hip instead of hitting the big vector. By the way, guess who has the room next to him at the Holiday Inn Express?

>LOG ENTRY #13956J
“I don’t know who you jokers are, but whatever that crazy minister is doing down there may very well f*ck over the world as we know it. I’ve ordered a drone strike to hit this location and the surrounding neighborhood. We’ve got 10 minutes to stop this SOB or it’s the end of the line for all of us.”
about 8 hours previously we boarded a 777 from seattle bound to souix falls, sd. i was yanked from a deep sleep to yanders jumping up and screaming at the top of his lungs “get outta my way!” swinging a brick-sock (they let him carry that on?) and whacking some tech nerd with military grade wifi-enabled glasses in the head. 2 tech nerds launching electrical blasts from their hands at skinner, yanders and kyle—something a little out of the ordinary about that. mendal is meanwhile staring out the window. skinner launches himself over the top of several rows of seats to clock one guy. the plane suddenly goes into a steep dive and skinner goes tumbling down the aisle. we finally subdue these guys and question them. They are devotees of a wack-job doomsday cult minister (that we were sent to check out in the first place). skinner and i have a go at hacking their glasses. we bypass the encryption on them and try to gear it so mendal can use its wired powers. that doesnt turn out too well, but we manage to yank the glasses off him before he kills us all. also turns out there was some sort of ape-like creature on the wing of the plane tearing chunks out of the engine; we make it safely to souix falls and turn the 2 guys over to local authorities. we check into the holiday inn express (barely a step up from the dyck and pyckle) and after a quick change of clothes start hacking into the doomsday church’s website. we let him know we are coming for him, and manage to find a floorplan of the church in hacked city records. after a quick stop at popeye’s chicken for yanders, we go to stake out the church—there are crowds of people and media there in front. no sign of where the wifi signal that powers the glasses is coming from. yanders talks to the tv reporter while we look for a way in. mendal shatters the lock on the front door and we go in followed by kathy billion, the tv reporter. we make our way down the hall to the basement steps and start to go down. thick cobwebs everywhere. as he descends, skinner transforms into a version of himself from some kind of medieval fantasy world and is simultaneously attacked by huge crab-spiders. the stairs are the translation gate to the recursion of ardeyn. after the spiders are defeated and we are all about continue into the new recursion, kathy billion lets us know the whole place will be destroyed in 10 minutes if we don’t kill the crazy preacher….no problem


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