The Candy LaAnde Story

Chatting with Cindi Chen was a weekly television program broadcast on KSTW channel 11. Cindi Chen would interview local celebrities and do other special interest stories. The show was cancelled after 11 episodes. The following was excerpted from “My Struggles with Depression and Weight Gain – The Candy LaAnde Story”. Arguably the most popular episode, it had an estimated 53 viewers.

Cindi Chen: Let me just say that you look fabulous. You’re making a comeback to modelling. You are on the cover of April’s J. Jill catalog. It’s really exciting to see you out there again. I know it is painful, but please tell our viewers about your struggles with weight gain.

Candy LaAnde: Well, it started about 8 years ago. My husband at the time, Eugene, had lost interest in me. I didn’t know about his “infatuation” at the time. I thought it was my fault. I really became depressed. I started eating. A lot. There was a period of time when I’d make myself 2 boxes of that instant butterscotch pudding and wash it down with a chocolate shake for a snack. I was disgusting. I looked worse than that Cathy character in the newspaper comics.

Cindi: Oh my. Please go on.

Candy: It’s not the half of it. I wanted to hurt Eugene and I took every opportunity to do so. I started sleeping around. Mind you, I was pushing 250 pounds by this time so the guys I was seeing were not choosy.

Cindi: Oh dear, that sounds awful.

Candy: I’ll give you an example of just how far I went. It was about 7 years ago. There was this guy I met, he never did tell me his first name… Anyhow, I met him outside my husband’s clinic. I think he recognized me, even though I was really obese by this time. I remember we were both eating the same gas station burritos. He put some clumsy moves on me… Like I said, I wanted to hurt Eugene… We started sleeping together.

Cindi: Oh my. Please go on.

Candy: Yeah, well I think he was initially pleased that he’d “nailed” a former swimsuit model, but I think he only kept seeing me because of my husband’s big screen TV. He was all “wham, bam, thank you ma’am” and then “I’m gonna go watch the Seahawks. Got any Keystone Light in the fridge?”

Cindi: Oh dear, that sounds awful.

Candy: Well, it finally ended about the time my husband was assaulted. I’m guessing the real reason is the Seahawks didn’t make the playoffs that year.

Cindi: Oh my. Please go on.

Candy: I’m not sure I have a whole lot more to say. I think it was the lowest point of my life. I’m just glad I didn’t sink any further. I sure had the chance. You remember my husband’s assault, right? There were a couple of private detectives looking into it. One of them kept asking me if I “wanted a ride” in his GTO…


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