Strange #4: The Dyck and Pyckle Inn

After the Black Goat Witch, the party decides to head to Newport. They hope to do some research on how to get off this recursion. We played The Old Church scenario and then onto Newport. After a discussion on what type of inn was least likely to be the hunting grounds of a vampire, they picked a moderately priced place that R. Keith’s player named the Dyck and Pyckle. Later they made it up to Braithwaite College, where they met a man named Ambrose White. He knew they were recursors and told them they could find a book (I called it the Translation Codex in homage to the supplement from Ryan Chaddock Games) in the St. Ignatius monastery that would describe how to “walk between worlds”. Problem was, the key to the vault had been missing for some time. Fortunately, Ambrose knew where it was. Too bad a pack of ghouls found it first… Skinner and Mendal proved to be a powerful combination in the tunnels below the Old North Cemetary. I think the pair of them slew more ghouls than the other characters combined.

O.G. Wells player did not make this game.

Kyle Awerbruck writes:
We finally make it to Newport and find a nice little inn called the Dyck and Pyckle where we rest up, have some mead and ask where the university is located.  We find it is located a couple hours north of town.

The next morning we head off for the university.  When we arrive, Yanders and I head off to see if we can find some sort of weapons training classes, but find none.  They could use a Dyck and Pyckle up here as we were also unable to find a place that serves libations.

Abigail, Professor Mendal, and Skinner head to the library to look for books that may give us a clue as to how to escape this h%ll hole.  While at the library a stranger notices what types of books they are skimming and approaches them.  He calls himself Ambrose White and says he is able to travel between worlds and is aware of where we came from.  He informs them that we must find a key to some vault at some monastery.  In this vault is a book that can teach us how to get home.  Of course the key is rumored to be in a crypt of a wealthy Newport man.  Are you kidding me, in some crypt in the middle of a large graveyard in Newport?  What could go wrong with this?  Hordes of undead, more demons, vampires, werewolves?  I hope we do not fall into a large underground cavern into the clutches of the great old ones themselves!  Well, I will fight what ever we have too to find our way back home.  Have I mentioned that I HATE THIS PLACE!!!

So we had back to Newport and I do some shopping while in town.  I load up on stakes, garlic, holy symbols, and pick up two small pocket pistols loaded with silver bullets.  Who knows that the h%ll else we may run into in this nightmare.  I fear that even these provisions are not enough.

The next day, once the sun is up, we wander though the graveyard and find the crypt of this man. Of course it is locked with an old heavy lock. I try to pick it with some of the professors tools but am unsuccessful.  We finally just hammer the damn thing off.  In the middle of the crypt is a large stone sarcophagus, its cover is slightly off kilter.  After some heaving and hoeing, Yanders and I are able to move the lid off to one side only to reveal a dark hole leading down into the ground, no body and no key to be found.  Great!, lets climb into a small dark hole in the ground in the middle of a graveyard, what can go wrong?  Then Yanders smells it, “Ghouls” he growls.  I pop this pill that allows me to see in total darkness and Skinner and I set off ahead of the others to scout this out.  All the vines and loose dirt make sneaking nearly impossible.  We work our way down into a series of tunnels and then, out of nowhere, appear a hordes of ghouls.  Skinner, Abigail, and the professor are in true form down here and they dispatch most of the ghouls themselves.  Yanders spends some time leg wrestling with one of the Ghouls, I wonder about him at times.  We finally curb the onslaught of flesh-eating men and soon after Professor Mendal notices the key we were looking for right at the entrance of the dirt tunnel.  We had all crawled past it earlier without seeing it.  We exit the tunnel, exit the crypt, exit the graveyard, and head back to the comfort of the Dyke and Pykle.

Thank God for the normalcy at the Dyck and Pyckle!  Off to some monastery tomorrow.  I am sure the monks will be super helpful, give us the book, and we will be home in no time.  Right…. they are probably a bunch of cannibals or lepers, lead by a demented Lich who is drooling over some succubus, the daughter of a powerful necromancer who has a pet undead dragon. Have I mentioned that I HATE THIS PLACE!!!

>LOG ENTRY #13952E
now i’m positive that staying here is not an option. woke up to discover all the murder, demonic summoning, and witchcraft was not a bad dream. to boot, the witch had a secret underground lab or lair, and her necklace was probably the catalyst for her rapid shift to evil. hit the road for newport, and just when the endless woods couldn’t get any more disturbing, a woman appears (seriously, who lives in the middle of the woods?) and begs us to find her lost son and friend in the deep woods at the “abandoned church”. probably nothing sinister about that, right? turns out mythological harpies aren’t mythological here and they ate her son’s friend, or were about to eat what was left. so we had to fight them off, killing all but a couple that escaped. discovered the kid hiding in a secret hidey-hole and took him back to mom. made the kid dig his friend’s grave as an object lesson. are the people of this world for real—they go around living their day to day lives seemingly not able to see what a hellhole they live in. arrived in newport and got a room at the dyck & pickle inn. food was just alright. went to the university and found the library with some interesting treatises on occult and travel in exotic worlds. a random stranger, calling himself ambrose white introduces himself and tells me the only chance to escape the hirudo forever is to band together with people who can travel as i can; power in numbers. that’s not a concept i have much experience with or trust in, but maybe he’s right. just knowing there are countless worlds out there, and others with this power is somehow comforting. in any case, we might be able to get ourselves off this freakshow. to do that, according to mr. white, we need a key to a vault of heretical books at st. ignatius monastery. the key was lost in the tomb of malcomb childress a wealthy citizen of newport. we locate the mausoleum in the graveyard and then after f–ing around for too long with the lock, get inside to discover the tomb had been plundered, the stone sarcophagus lid is askew, so two hernias later the boys remove it and we find tunnels dug up into the tomb from underground. our resident undead expert says “ghouls”. after not-so-stealthily infiltrating the tunnel, we are suddenly surrounded by ravenous flesh-eaters. battling merciless creatures determined to eat and/or possess us is almost becoming the new normal. after a little tussle, we drag our ragged asses out of the tunnel to find the key we were seeking right back at the entrance. but at least there’s hope for finding that codex and absconding this nightmare of a world.

From the desk of R. Keith Yanders:

Journal entry 4575

Made it through the night without having to drive a stake in that Skinner dude’s heart, or having to use the outhouse……so things are looking up.  We headed for Newport and soon came across some house frau all upset and s@#$t. Blah, blah, blah, my kid, blah, blah, blah, missing, blah, blah, blah, blah……………blah, blah, blah. Husband probably offed himself to stop having to listen to that! Headed out to a church to find the kid, when these flying creatures pop up. Kyle starts screaming something about ‘herpes’……….man, what is with that dude……..  and was I talking in my sleep again? Reminder: find out how much Kyle knows about the Sheila E. Gouldferrington second date setback of ’02…….and get my Valtrex prescription refilled.

After killing these “winged things”, we find the kid holed up in the wall (probably to get away from blah, blah, blah, blah,) but he didn’t seem to put up a fight when we said you have to go back. His friend on the other hand, took the easy way out and died. Made it back to the chick with her kid in tow, when Kyle starts talking about ‘herpes’ again………dude, let it go, it was just a cold sore! Dr. Mendal explains how we killed the ‘harpies’….wait, what?

Journal entry 4576

It’s a long ride to Newport……..not much to do………… except stare at Abigail’s a…….uh oh! Reminder: short glances, short glances!

Journal entry 4577

Finally made it to Newport around sundown. Everybody hurried out of the streets and closed up shop tighter than……. something that is really tight. Decided to take a load off at the Dyck & Pyckle*. After several stiff drinks, I went to drain ye olde dragon. This dude in front of me in line at the outhouse asked if I was new in town and told me this is where all the Dicks hang out. Pointed to a sign that read “20% off if ye name be Dick”. Got directions to the university from the barkeep, Steven “Dick” Mullenhowerauski.
Reminder: Had some good Dick jokes ready, but for the sake of time I’ll just write Dick, Dick, Dick, and Dick.

What happened at the University I can’t remember as those places ain’t really my thing. Universities and me don’t mix, like oil and ….something that doesn’t mix with oil. Everybody has their kryptonite, mine happens to be places of higher learning, or just regular learning, or books. My high school football coach “Iron Balls” McStoopin always used to say “nothing ever good comes from books, unless you use them for bicep curls….where’s my whistle”. Reminder: Take a trip to the state pen to visit coach.

Made it back to Newport to find some damn key. Nearly pulled a hamstring trying to get that lid off…..but I noticed Abigail staring at me. I’ve seen that look before….she wants to take a ride on the Yanders-go-round …..or else it’s gas.  The Victoria’s Secret Beating of ’08 taught me that that’s a mistake you only make once! Killed some ghouls…I hate ghouls….nothing but a bunch of undead wannabes.  Anyway, we found this key……….I need to ice my hammy.
Reminder: Find out if any of this counts towards my community service hours?

*Thanks to Mr. Wheaton every game will always have a Dick & Pickle.


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