House Rules

Here are the house rules we are using in our game:

Armor: There is no penalty to Speed and no deduction to Might per hour worn. Reason: Bookkeeping is a pain and won’t happen. Instead, each level of armor worn will increase the difficulty of “agility” tasks such as climbing, jumping and swimming. Practiced in armor or choosing to take the “armor penalty reduction” decreases the penalty one step; minimum of none.

Effort: The first level of effort costs 2 points instead of 3. Reason: I like the simplicity of a flat cost per level. I think it will encourage folks to use effort at lower tiers and maybe spread out edge a bit more.

Light weapons: No bonus to hit for light weapons. Reason: Think about a guy with a knife trying to hit a guy with a sword… Light weapons will be useful in confined spaces and if you are grappled (where they’d suffer no “to hit” penalty).

Weapon classes: Not distinguishing between bladed, piercing, bludgeoning for training in melee weapons. Reason: Weapon types are mostly “flavor” in the game. It’ll match up to the options for ranged. And let’s face it, is the difference between swinging an ax and a mace greater than using a pistol and a bow? It’ll make vectors a bit tougher and allow you to change weapons as you translate to different recursions without losing any mechanical benefits.

Falling: 1 point of damage per 5 feet fallen in normal gravity. I’m thinking of moving you one step down the damage track if you fall more than 25 feet and 2 steps if 50 feet. Reason: Chris ridiculing (with good reason) his 50-foot fall in Numenera.

Cyphers: Not distinguishing between the two types of cypher for how many you can carry. This is how we ran it in Numenera.

Experience: The red/blue chip “re-roll” and “regular” XP. Red chips are given out for GM Intrusions, cracking up the table or bringing beer.

Other Options: We allowed most of the options from Numenera as outlined in the “When Worlds Collide” glimmer.




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