Some Strange Characters

Before I start with the game synopses, let’s introduce the characters:

Kyle Awerbuck
A tough Vector who
– Is Licensed to Carry on Earth
– Robs Travelers on Liberty & Death
I was born in South Africa.  My mother supposedly committed suicide when I was 4 leaving my father with two young boys (my brother was 2 at the time).  I guess you can call me a military brat since my father was in the South African special forces (and other organizations we were not allowed to ask about).  We constantly moved around while I was growing up (different countries/cities).  When I was 15, our apartment in Cairo (Egypt) was raided by some operators and my brother was killed (they shot him in the head) as he and I were attempting to flee down the back fire escape.  I never saw my father again.  I have my father to thank for teaching me to consistently hit targets during the chaos of battle and to successfully defend myself in a brawl.  I was a street urchin in Cairo for a period of time before I was able to make my way to France and join the French Foreign Legion (FFL).  I lied about my age.  In the FFL, Leon Montana, took me under this wing and taught me the finer details of investigation, survival, assault, and deception.  As with everything in my life I did not stay in the FFL for long.  After my 5 years of service I made my way to Kuwait and worked as part of the security detail for the Crown Prince, Nasser Mohamed Al-Jaber Al-Sabah.  That did not last long and soon thereafter I tried my hand with Blackwater in Iraq, TSU back in my home country of South Africa, DynaCorp in the US, etc…  I finally had enough of bosses and had saved up enough cash to co-open a private security business in Seattle (US) with this competent fellow named Skinner.  If you need protection or information, give us a call.

Quincy Mendel

An Inquisitive Paradox who
– Conducts Weird Science on Earth
– Delves for the secrets of life on Liberty and Death


2014- present: Forensic Pathology Fellowship
King County Medical Examiner’s Office
908 Jefferson St.
Seattle, WA

2011-2014:      Medical Residency Program
Monroe Clinic
515 22nd Ave.
Monroe, WI

2007-2011:      M.D., Ph.D. in Forensic Pathology
University of Wisconsin-Madison
Madison, WI

2003-2007:      B. A. in Biology
DePauw University
Greencastle, Indiana
Minors in Computer Science and Mathematics with a strong Chemistry course load

Primary Publications:

Mendel, Q, A. & Addams, W.  Melting Behaviors of Dental Prostheses during Immolation with Differing Accelerants.  Institute of Criminology of Kansas – Forensic Analyses and Criminology Treatises Open Review. 33, 12092-12099.

Mendel, Q, A. & Addams, W.  Comparison of Decapitation Slice Patterns between Normal and Scoliotic Decapitators.  General Review of Osteology Studies and Science.  236, 101-106.

A Strange Paradox who
– Solves Mysteries on Earth
– Conjures on Liberty & Death (as Abigail Smythe)
Running gets old after a while, especially when you’re running from a faceless evil force with henchman around every corner. Fortunately, I have a mind suited for survival. And maybe one day, revenge. Trust no one.

B.F. “Skinner”
A clever Spinner who
– Works Undercover on Earth
– Bears the Taint of Undeath on Liberty & Death

Currently employed in a private security agency with Kyle Awerbuck. I joined the national guard in college and nearly completed one tour in Iraq during Operation Desert Storm before being sent home early with acute Gulf War Syndrome. There are some lasting effects such as difficulty remembering trivial facts. I’ve developed many unique memory aids to offset the weakness. After Iraq, I briefly worked as a police officer in Dry Prong, Louisiana. After fleeing, I joined the police force in Wasilla, Alaska and soon started working undercover (meth investigation). I eventually made it to Seattle and obtained skills in computer security and criminal profiling. I worked as a private consultant until about seven ago. I met Kyle A. at a gun range and a few months later we started our private security agency.

O. G. Wells
A Sharp-Eyed Vector who
– Looks for Trouble on Earth
– Duels on Liberty & Death
Mercenary for hire. Having trouble finding work after most co-workers dying in catastrophic mission failures. Has honed his survival instinct and always notices when it’s time to get out of there.

R. Keith Yanders
A Brash Vector who
– Looks for Trouble on Earth
– Hunts Monsters on Liberty & Death
Commerce/retail security specialist. I took the Home security installation and perimeter safety seminar at the Steve Largent community rec center and I have the certificate of completion. It was court ordered after the Piercing Pagoda incident. Officially it was ruled an accident and after two more seminars I no longer have to maintain an 8 foot buffer when I walk past the stall. My sister’s dog is named “Mr. Wiggles”.


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